Welcome to The Green Cemetery in Glastonbury, CT

Before the Town of Glastonbury was founded in 1693, the town founders were required by the Colony of Connecticut to provide a church and a minister. The location of the first church was the corner of Main Street and Hubbard Street. The land around this area was set aside to form a Town Green for the use of the residents. Main Street, at this time, was an Indian trail which was being used as a rutted wagon road and Hubbard Street was created to provide access to the Town Green. It normally followed that the land adjacent to the church was designated as a burying ground. This burying ground is now known as the Green Cemetery.

Until October 1897, the burying ground was maintained by the Town of Glastonbury when a corporation of local investors was formed to maintain The Green Cemetery and to collect fees for the perpetual care of lots which would be sold for future burials. The Green Cemetery Association was incorporated on October 29, 1897. The officers of the Green Cemetery Association, Inc. were: President- Mr. H. E. Loomis; Superintendent- Mr. J. E. Tucker; Executive Committee-at-large- Mr. S. K. Williams and Mr. Milton S. Tracy; and for Secretary- Mr. T. H. L. Talcott. An annual payment of $0.50 per share was assessed for membership in the association. The money was to be used to “procure, establish and care for the cemetery”. From time-to-time, as the opportunity presented itself, the association has purchased additional land and expanded the area to approximately 10 acres.

The current officers are: Dora Fotino, President; Tom Kane, Vice President; Laura Tyrol, Treasurer; Don Newey, Treasurer; and Mary Newey, Secretary. The Superintendent is Bruce Sullivan.



  • Dawn to dusk seven days weekly


  • There are designated planting rows between graves in select areas. Family
    members are allowed to plant trees within these areas.
  • Plants, flowers and small shrubs are allowed adjacent to family monuments
    • Plantings must be maintained by the family
    • Plantings may not encroach upon any adjacent graves or monuments
    • Plantings must not impede the access to and maintenance of the cemetery


MAX ALLOWABLE MONUMENT SIZES (Standard lot width 3’-6”)
Maximum height for all monuments is 5’-0”

  • Standard flush markers to have sharp edges bricked to avoid chipping.
  • Single flush markers (allowed in addition to above ground monument):
    2’-0” x 1’-0” x 4” depth.
  • Double flush markers (for multiple grave lots) 4’-0” x 1’-4” x 4” D
    (must be in line with monument row)
  • Single grave monument, max base size: 3’-0” x 1’-4”
  • Two-grave lots, max monument base size: 6’-0” x 1’-4”
    (centered over the two lots)
  • Multiple grave plots, max monument base size: 80% of overall plot width, centered.
  • Foundations in monument rows should be the footprint size and at least 42” deep.
  • Pre-need flush markers may be placed on a crushed stone base temporarily until interment.

  • Green Cemetery is completely non-sectarian


  • Full burial lots: $1,000
    • Measure 3’-6” wide by 10’-0” long
    • Will accommodate one full burial and one cremation burial or three cremation burials
  • Cremation burial lots $500
    • 3’-6” wide by 5’-0” long
    • Will accommodate two cremation burials


    • Weekdays – $1,000
    • Saturdays/Holidays – $1,100
    • Sundays – $1,300
    • Winter (12/1 – 4/1) – add $200
    • Weekdays – $500
    • Saturdays/Holidays – $625
    • Sundays – $750
    • Winter (12/1 – 4/1) – add $125 – $650 (Depending on ground frost)
    • More than one cremation per burial – add $125 per additional cremation
  • CREMATION VAULT: Add $125 to above fees to allow for large
    cremation vault measuring – 20” square and 18” high

    • Allowable containers: plastic, cardboard, ceramic, metal, wood